Maa Amrata


Maa Amrata started her life and career in India. She lived and worked in Singapore and UK from 1999 till 2011 where she worked in the e-learning industry as a Graphic Designer and Content Writer.

She had a spiritual bent of mind since childhood. Her interest and inclination to learn and practice alternative methods of healing augmented when she met her Guru, Nabhi Yogi Swami Muktanand, who bequeathed the knowledge of activating Chakras to her.

Soon after, she decided to move back to India and dedicate her life to fulfil the vision of a 'Disease Free Human Race'.

She now practices as a Master Aura Therapist at Intuition Herbals India. She also trains others through the Guru Shishya tradition.

Maa Amrata has the gift of allowing cosmic energies to flow freely through her for the benefit of those seeking healing. She is the only healer in the world, successfully practising knife aura - non-invasive surgery and has achieved this feat through sadhana and cleansing & purifying her system with positivity. Maa Amrata practices Buddhism, Anand Yoga and follows a strictly Satvik diet. She has successfully treated Children with special needs, patients suffering from cancer, slip disc, cysts, fibroids depression and other chronic diseases. She is the 'Secretary' of Amritam Trust and is actively involved in achieving its objectives..

She is known worldwide for Mass Navel Activation through Kundalini awakening. Out of all Chakras, it is only the Navel (Nabhi) Chakra that can be experienced physically. This method is completely secret and mysterious. Just by balancing and energising the Navel Chakra, the organs of the body start receiving the required energy and the rest of the Chakras become active too. This leads to enhanced well-being and positive mind-set.