Swami Muktanand


Naabhi Yogi Swami Muktanand, has several years of experience in the field of cosmic energy. He has researched and formulated medicines specifically to heal chakras and organs linked with them.

To achieve the goal of ‘Disease Free Human Race’, further research will be conducted by ‘Amritam’ on Ancient Methodologies known to our Saints and Sages. Swami Muktanand has been working in the field of Aura Therapy and Chakra System since the past 40 years. He has used Cosmic Energy, for the first time in the world to activate the Navel Chakra (3rd Chakra) of an individual or group of individuals. An ancient system of Aura transfer is used in this case to activate the Chakras. This is the first instance in the world when a Chakra is activated without using physical methods.

Out of all Chakras, it is only the Naabhi Chakra that can be experienced physically. This method is completely secret and mysterious. Just by balancing and energising the Naabhi Chakra, the organs of the body start receiving the required energy and the rest of the Chakras become active too.

Swami ji bequeathed the knowledge of activating Chakras to Namrata Tandon, also known as Maa Amrita who now practises Aura Therapy. She also trains others through the Guru Shishya tradition.

Those with keen interest in Yog Sadhana, wanting to learn Aura Therapy, will be provided the necessary training at the Amritam Centre free of cost.

Through Aura, Negative Energy is dissipated. Once the Negative energy dissipates, diseases connected to it automatically heal. The objective of the Research Centre is to carry out investigations in healing diseases through Aura Therapy, documenting and establishing it as a complete Healing Methodology.

Swami ji was felicitated for his Research in ‘Herb Based Chakra Therapy’ by Hon. Minister of Ayush, Shripad Naik in November, 2015.