Disease Free Human Race

Amritam - is working to fulfil the vision of a Disease Free Human Race. It was set up on 17th Dec 2014 with the following objectives for the benefit of humankind at large, without any distinction or discrimination against age, colour, caste, creed, sex, religion, etc.:

  • To establish, maintain and run old age homes
  • To run day care centres for senior citizens, chronic disease patients and special needs children
  • To establish and run Ayurvedic research centres and hospitals, naturopathy centres and spas, herbal parks and cow dairies for prevention and treatment of diseases for senior citizens, chronic patients, poor and needy
  • To grant relief during calamities such as earthquakes, flood, fire, pestilence, etc
  • To establish and maintain guest houses, yoga and meditation centres, residential units, etc. for senior citizens, chronic patients, etc
  • To re-establish the ancient and forgotten systems and practices for the benefit of humanity – for making the humanity free from disease, towards a healthy life and awakening of a new consciousness
  • To transmit ayurvedic and para psychic forces of consciousness and revive the ancient chakra system for a better, disease free humanity
  • To set up a Global Cosmic Energy Centre for transmitting cosmic energy to one and all for physical, mental and spiritual advancement
  • To create model villages based on our objectives and replicate the same at different locations around the globe. This may include establishing and developing eco-friendly systems and innovative alternate resource utilizations
  • To establish and run Gram Udyog Centres and programmes for empowerment of women and youth