Wellness & Research Centre

Wellness and Research Centre

  • Aim

    Amritam Trust is working for a Disease Free Human Race. To fulfil this objective, ancient Ayurvedic practices relevant in the modern framework are being revived and re-established, under the able direction of Naabhi Yogi, Swami Muktanand.

  • Funds

    The Trust will accept financial aid from all those connected to it – groups, individuals and social organizations. Funds will also be solicited from industries and corporations through CSR resources so that health services can be provided free of cost to people belonging to the Low Income group, underprivileged and backward classes, women and tribal communities.

  • Location

    This unique and remarkable Health Centre is being established in Village Kata Pathar, Vikas Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It has been Swami ji’s long term resolution to establish such a centre in the Devabhumi. This centre will work to spread the light of ancient knowledge of Health known to our Saints and Sages throughout India and the world.

Disease Free Human Race

To achieve the goal of ‘Disease Free Human Race’, further research will be conducted by ‘Amritam’ on Ancient Methodologies known to our Saints and Sages. Swami Muktanand has been working in the field of Aura Therapy and Chakra System since the past 40 years. He has used Cosmic Energy, for the first time in the world to activate the Navel Chakra (3rd Chakra) of an individual or group of individuals. An ancient system of Aura transfer is used in this case to activate the Chakras. This is the first instance in the world when a Chakra is activated without using physical methods.

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Wellness and Research Centre

This department will have Outpatient facility.There will also be a special consultation centre where people will be given knowledge about practices essential to living a healthy life. Public awareness programmes will be conducted at the centre to educate people on how good health can be maintained in this modern age of comfort and convenience. Along with this, people will be informed about preventive measures and methods of identifying signs and symptoms before falling sick so that diseases do not occur at all.

Arrangements will be made to cater to about 2500 people per month (100 patients per day X 25 days). Important medicines will be dispensed from the centre and patients will be taught the use of local herbs and spices readily available in their environment, which will help in reducing cost of treating a simple disease to not more than ₹ 200/- per person per month. Nowhere in the world would treatment be available at such a nominal cost.

Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Cosmic Energy Centre

There will be a provision of 10 Huts (20 beds) to begin with, for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases. The facility will be available for both residential as well as outpatients connected with the health consultation and research centre.

Aura Therapists will also provide their services to energise and activate the Chakras of patients. Upon activation of chakras, disease stricken body organs will start receiving unlimited energy leading to rapid healing of the disease. Arrangements will be made to cater to about 500 - 1000 patients every month.

Those with keen interest in Yog Sadhana, wanting to learn Aura Therapy, will be provided the necessary training at the Amritam Centre free of cost.